PDC Cutters

GTD offers a highly engineered range of PDC cutter grades from utility, general purpose to premium. Depending on the application, GTD can specify an appropriate abrasion/impact resistant design by modifying the diamond grain size and mix as well as high temperature-high pressure sintering controls. The use premium grade carbide substrates, proprietary technology relating to PDC diamond layer formation and a precisely controlled manufacturing process produce a combination of impact and wear resistance not matched by other independent suppliers.

Coarse Size Particle & Higher Impact Property

G1 Utility grade cutter; good wear resistance.

GD General purpose cutter; balanced wear and impact resistance. Popular products with customers and applied to soft to medium hard formation.

GTi/GTa Mid-range cutter; GTi more impact resistant, GTa more abrasion/wear resistant.

GXi/GXa Premium high-end cutters; Increased pressures during HTHP manufacturing. GXi more impact resistant, GXa more abrasion/wear resistant.

PDC Bearings

GTD have developed and optimised a complete manufacturing cell for PDC Bearings. The output of this being greatly reduced lead-times and superior performance. This technology has enabled drilling operators to increase down-hole turbine and motor performance and durability in challenging high pressure and high temperature drilling environments. High quality PDC cutting elements along with leading-edge manufacturing techniques provides outstanding resistance to compression loads, minimal frictional losses, under high temperatures operating parameters.

To date GTD have manufactured a full range of Turbine and PDM PDC thrust bearings. Ø 45mm – 180mm manufactured to date (2 7/8”, 4 3/4” and 6 5/8” BHA). GTD’s extensive research and constant innovation continues to help customers drill faster for longer periods of time without maintenance and downtime.

Shaped PDC Cutters

GTD provides innovative Domed and Ballistic shaped PDC cutters as the primary cutting elements or as part of a hybrid approach to rock destruction for applications in the mining, construction and oil and gas drilling markets.

The full product range and applicable tolerances are available for download above . Sizes or features are not listed may be available on request.

Gauge and Wear

GTD manufactures Diamond Impregnated gauge and Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) gauge inserts into a variety of shapes and sizes.Diamond impregnates can be used as primary cutting elements in impregnated diamond bits, gauge pads in all types of fixed bits, depth of cut controllers on fixed bits, and tiles on stabilisers. Diamond impregnated parts that can be varied considerably by appropriate selection of the type, size and concentration of diamond particles. The sintering process produces a hard and wear resistant matrix with the diamond particles uniformly and firmly embedded in the structure to produce either a cutting action or extreme wear resistance. Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) inserts are a versatile material that can be manufactured in various sizes including cylinders, rectangles and triangles, as well as with proprietary Ti coatings.. They are thermally stable up to 1200°C and are primarily used as gauge protection on drill bits. TSP diamond is typically made with diamond particles in the 15-30 µ size range. This relatively coarse structure produces a very abrasion resistant surface.