PDC Cutters

Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts PDC cutters are made by sintering micron sized diamond 

particles onto a tungsten carbide substrate. Sintering is carried out at ultra-high pressure and at temperatures in the range of 1350 – 15000C. Sintered blanks are then ground and lapped to a range of standard sizes that are detailed below. All our PDC cutters undergo rigorous 100% inspection that includes advanced micro crack detection analysis and ultrasound check.

The critical design parameters to produce high performance and uniform PDC cutters are as follows:

  • Correct source, selection and pre-treatment of micron diamond powder
  • Correct source, selection, design and pre-treatment of tungsten carbide substrate
  • Appropriate cycle conditions of pressure and temperature
  • Applying the best post-synthesis processing and treatment conditions to the PDC blank/cutter

At GTD we continually apply our vast knowledge to make general improvements to the standard procedures and practice to make premium PDC cutters. Through our collaborative Research & Development programs we then apply our specialist knowledge to key aspects of critical design parameters to manufacture a small range of different grades. At any one time we offer two or three PDC cutter grades only. These will span the broad application specifics that require a highly abrasion cutter, a high impact resistant cutter and some utility grade in between.

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