Who we are

Glynn Technical Diamonds Glynn Technical Diamonds (GTD) is a leading supplier of innovative, high performance synthetic diamond products for customers in the oil and gas, civil engineering and mining industries.  GTD was established May 2012, with our team based in Kilrush, Co Clare, Ireland. Shannon Airport, located 45minutes from our facility provides GTD with swift and easy access to international markets. Products include, Polycrystalline Diamond Compact PDC cutters, PDC Bearings, Diamond Gauge inserts, and Synthetic Diamond Powders & Grits. Building on years of experience in the synthetic diamond processing sector, we have developed core competencies focusing on design, manufacturing processes and quality control. By combining this and our in-house application testing and field testing network, we consistently offer the best fit for application PDC cutters on the market.

Strategic partnerships with both suppliers and customers have been key to our business strategy and we have worked closely with all stakeholders to develop a suite of synthetic diamond solutions to market worldwide. GTD is the best value proposition in the PDC cutter market and pride ourselves to providing a responsive and collaborative service for our customers.

Our Team

John Glynn / Managing Director

John has worked in the industrial diamond sector since 1981, and brings vast experience to GTD. John has experience as Operations Manager at DeBeers and R&D Manager at Element Six before establishing GTD in 2012.

Charlie Glynn / Operations Director

Charlie has a degree in Law and Taxation from Limerick Institute of Technology and has recently completed Executive MBA from University of Limerick. Before joining GTD in 2013, Charlie specialising in operations and production management, supply chain, financial control and business strategy.

Sean Glynn / Director

Sean hones his mechanical engineering competencies at GTD while leading up research and development projects.  While collaborating with Limerick Institute of Technology, Sean completed a research based Master of Engineering Degree.