September 2019

Diamong Gauge

Diamond impregnated parts are made by mixing together diamond particles and carefully selected metal powders that are sintered. The sintering process produces a hard and wear resistant matrix with the diamond particles uniformly and firmly embedded in the structure to produce either a cutting action or extreme wear resistance. Diamond impregnated parts that can be

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PDC Bearings

4 ¾” PDC Thrust Bearings For Turbo-drillsGTD have optimised the complete manufacturing process of the bearing sets to enhance the material and thermal properties of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters.  This new PDC bearing manufacturing technology has enabled drilling operators to increase down-hole turbine and motor performance and durability in challenging high pressure and high temperature drilling environments. Advanced PDC

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PDC Cutters

Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts PDC cutters are made by sintering micron sized diamond  particles onto a tungsten carbide substrate. Sintering is carried out at ultra-high pressure and at temperatures in the range of 1350 – 15000C. Sintered blanks are then ground and lapped to a range of standard sizes that are detailed below. All our PDC

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