Tungsten Carbide  

 Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide is the hardest known metal  and requires  Diamond Abrasives or Advanced Spark Erosion machines to process into Precision Engineered Parts. GTD has unique knowledge and experience of Tungsten Carbide machining and with the machining capacity at our manufacturing facility no job is too big or small for us to handle.

Tungsten Carbide Bar

Tungsten Carbide has been associated with Diamond Synthesis since the invention of the Diamond Press in 1954 and some of the largest single Tungsten Carbide parts ever produced have been for Diamond Press Technology. GTD is fully integrated with the Tungsten Carbide supply chain Network. With GTD Research Partners we can carry out SEM Microstructure, XRF and EDS Analysis.

GTD has the following processing capability at our Facility in Kilrush however we are associated with a wide group of subcontractors that carry our individual operations that are outside the scope of our equipment.

  • Tungsten Carbide Grinding
    • Cylindrical Grinding Maximum Part Size - OD 300 mm X L420mm
    • Surface Grinding Maximum Part Size - L475mm X W225mm X H250mm
    • Centreless Grinding Maximum Part - OD 120mm
    • Tool and Cutter
  • Diamond Lapping
    • Single Side Lapping Maximum Part Size- OD 300mm
  • EDM Spark Erosion
    • 5 Axis Wire EDM  Maximum Travel X350mm  Y250mm  Z 200mm


All parts on completion go through our 100% QC and inspection.

We will undertake these manufacturing services on 3rd party materials.

Where customers are using GTD supplied products we will offer our full advice and support where required on any tool fabrication points.