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Thermally Stable Product TSP diamond is made by high pressure sintering of specially selected micron sized diamond particles and silicon. By heating this mix to +1,400 0C under high pressure, the diamond stable region of the carbon phase equilibrium is reached whereby, after a sufficient soak time, physical diamond to diamond bond and interlocking takes place between particles. This forms an extremely hard structure of skeletal diamond that is infiltrated with silicon. Subsequently some of the residual silicon is removed.


TSP diamond is typically made with diamond particles in the 15-30 µ size range. This relatively coarse structure produces a very abrasion resistant surface. Further, due to the only other phase present in the structure being relatively insert silicon, TSP’s retain their hardness at elevated temperatures, unlike PDC’s. TSP’s are typically produced in flat discs with discrete sizes of rounds, squares and rectangles being laser cut and de-burred.

The finished TSP part is then sputter coated with a proprietary metal. This metal coating combines with the diamond surface to form a chemical carbide bond. The open surface retains a free metal chemistry so that when the TSP part is used in a matrix bit sintering, hard facing, brazing or metal sintering process it will also readily react to form a corresponding carbide or secondary chemical bond. The next effect is that the TSP will be held by both a mechanical and a chemical bond in the designated tool. This presents optimum part retention and ensures the TSP remains firmly attached to the tool under even the most aggressive operating conditions.