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Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts PDC cutters are made by sintering micron sized diamond oil-pdcparticles onto a tungsten carbide substrate. Sintering is carried out at ultra-high pressure and at temperatures in the range of 1350 – 15000C. Sintered blanks are then ground and lapped to a range of standard sizes that are detailed below. All our PDC cutters undergo rigorous 100% inspection that includes advanced micro crack detection analysis and ultrasound check.

The critical design parameters to produce high performance and uniform PDC cutters are as follows:

  • Correct source, selection and pre-treatment of micron diamond powder
  • Correct source, selection, design and pre-treatment of tungsten carbide substrate
  • Appropriate cycle conditions of pressure and temperature
  • Applying the best post-synthesis processing and treatment conditions to the PDC blank/cutter

At GTD we continually apply our vast knowledge to make general improvements to the standard procedures and practice to make premium PDC cutters. Through our collaborative Research & Development programs we then apply our specialist knowledge to key aspects of critical design parameters to manufacture a small range of different grades. At any one time we offer two or three PDC cutter grades only. These will span the broad application specifics that require a highly abrasion cutter, a high impact resistant cutter and some utility grade in between.


PDC Grades & Sizes

We currently offer three grades of PDC; Two premium grades and a utility economy grade.PDC Grade

Premium Grade: Abrasion Resistance EW4

Premium Grade: Impact Resistance EW1

Utility Economy Grade: GTD1

Premium grade PDC is manufactured under the most stringent controls of raw material specification and process. Through best manufacturing practice our premium grade PDC’s exhibit a highly consistent and uniform abrasion and impact resistance. Further application of appropriate design changes then modify the grain size and mix of the diamond table, any admix and sintering conditions to enhance either abrasion resistance or impact strength. Hence the availability of two premium grades.

The utility grade exhibits the accepted generic performance of a fully sintered PDC structure where a multi-modal coarse grain structure is used.