Manufacturing Services

PDC cutter Manufacturing Services - Polycrystalline Diamond Compact PDC cutters, TSP Polycrystalline Diamond, and Diamond Impregnated Gauge products require specialist Lappingknowledge and experience to ensure that their basic application properties are fully delivered during down-hole PDC cutter drilling or other final product application. All these PDC products are extremely hard and wear resistant but consequently lack toughness that is associated with similar steel and carbide tools. PDC cutters also require more attention to ensure that thermal damage during the tool manufacturing process does not impair final performance. Further, these parts are capable of extended service in sometimes very aggressive environments. The methods employed to join or attach parts must ensure that they remain in place for their full working duration.

We undertake PDC cutter Contract Manufacturing Services where these parts are used. GTD has the following equipment to support this:

  • Wire Electro-discharge Machining (EDM)Furnace
  • Brazing
    • Induction (LS bonding)
    • Furnace
      • Vacuum
      • Inert atmosphere
    • Torch
  • Mechanical diamond grinding
    • Surface
    • Centerless
    • Cylindrical
    • Tool and Cutter (Chamfering)
  • Diamond lapping
  • Stress relieving/annealing

Siemens Process ControlAll parts on completion go through our 100% QC and inspection.

We will undertake these manufacturing services on 3rd party materials.

Where customers are using GTD supplied products we will offer our full advice and support where required on any tool fabrication points.