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Ballistic PDC Cutter Sizes

Domed PDC Cutter Sizes

Domed and Ballistic shaped PDC cutters are now included in Glynn Technical Diamonds product range.  The full product range and applicable tolerances are available for download above.  Sizes or features not listed may be available on request.

Shaped cutters are playing an increasing role in more efficient and innovative drilling solutions.  This highly engineered premium range of cutters are guaranteed to enhance performance, either, as the primary cutting element, part of a hybrid approach to rock destruction or as back-up/wear/gauge protectors . Outside of traditional oil and gas drilling, shaped cutters find application in mining (drilling and shearing) and construction (road planning) industries. The use of premium grade carbide substrates, proprietary technology relating to PDC diamond layer formation and a precisely controlled manufacturing process produce a combination of impact and wear resistance not matched by other independent suppliers.